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Boland Bins Pallets


A wooden pallet is a flat transport structure which is intended to support a variety of goods in a secure position while being lifted by a forklift. Goods are secured on top of the pallet and most pallets can easily handle loads of 1,000 kg and more. Containers have become the preferred choice for transport of nearly all goods and this has spurred the use of pallets because the containers offer clean, level surfaces that are required to make pallet movement effective. Boland Bins can manufacture both standard pallets and non-standard pallets customised to client's requirements.

standard size pallets

Standard Size Pallet

The standard pallet in the fruit industry is an open top, non-reversable 1200 x 1000mm 4-way pallet. Pallets are manufactured in both the local market and export market (with ISPM-15 certificate) formats. Prices are based on volumes and are available on request.

non-standard pallets

Non-standard Size Pallet

With years of knowledge in the industry, we specialize in analysing your pallet needs and develop a pallet that is suitable for your requirements at the lowest possible cost.
Pallets can be developed of various materials and design techniques, according to specifications provide by your production team. When it comes to pallets, we know that a JIT system is the cost-effective, thus, in close co-operation with you, we develop a delivery system that will best suit your requirements.
Boland Bins can keep stock of fast moving pallets to ensure that you never run out of pallets.